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If you’re planning to pick up Kore 2 and don’t have a copy of Komplete, you may want to act in the next few days. Through 5/31, NI is throwing in their Massive instrument and Massive Expansion Vol. 1 soundpack for free when you purchase Kore. When you activate Kore between April 1 and May 31, you automatically get a download coupon to take advantage of the offer. (This is the full version only, not the upgrade.)

Massive is my favorite synth in the Komplete suite (well, unless you count Reaktor), so it’s quite a nice offer. See NI’s site for the offer details. Got a copy of Massive? We’re planning more on the instrument on this site, so it’d be great to know if a) you own it and b) if so, what you’d like to learn more about!

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  1. m.0

    Wow, looking forward to the Massive coverage. Massive w/Kore is an incredibly powerful combination.

  2. poorsod

    I really love Massive; 95% of my lead sounds are from it as well as a substantial portion of my one-shot samples, chords and pads. It’s really easy, great fun and sounds incredbile (better than a lot of the hardware out there)… so I’m really looking forward to some articles on Massive soon. What can you teach me that I don’t know? ;)

    I’d like to see some Absynth and FM8 coverage on this blog as well. I am a Komplete owner, and I’m very close friends with Massive and Kontakt, and comfortable with Reaktor.
    However although I’m very impressed by the library sounds with FM8 and Absynth, I haven’t got much further than just generic bleeps or analogue sounds respectively.

  3. magic from space

    i just bought komplete 5, so i have massive but i have found it to be much less useful than i had hoped for. granted i have spent more time with absynth and fm8 but i agree that said synths have wonderful libraries and are generally more fun for me to twiddle upon. i would love to read more about digging into all of them.

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