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Derek Bell’s Uzzums is a hacked electric guitar that integrates onboard MIDI controls for manipulating Guitar Rig 3 directly. Result: no food pedals needed; Derek can control Guitar Rig right from his actual guitar, turning it into a kind of hybrid digital instrument.

This video dates to when he first finished the build; he’s been practicing ever since and will be playing on our audiovisual party at the legendary HOPE hacker conference here in New York next month. I expect to get another look at it then, and will definitely share.

Guitar Rig users, how do you control your racks? Do you use the controller from NI, or have you found another solution?

More inspiration from Derek (he created the infamous driver’s license Ableton Live controller):

db3ll @ YouTube

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  2. terry

    Thats pretty cool setup. Care to share the wiring diagram. As an alternate how about micro switches in the neck that way your hands don’t have to leave the guitar.

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