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image For anyone interested, here are some of my musical creations for choreographer Kathy Westwater, the sound design I described in our “sound design for imaginary instruments” series. Kathy’s work is Macho, named for the astrological body, as seen at right. (This qualifies as experimental music, so download only if you’re into that sort of thing.) This is a seven-minute version of the score, free for you to download.

Macho MP3

The work was designed and performed almost entirely in Kore, using Ableton Live as my host. As a result, I was able to play most of it live, then do some smaller tweaks and arrangements in Live in real-time. The very end includes some samples generated from an earlier section of the piece. Everything else is some extreme sound design, liberally using the Grain Shifter and guitar effects engine from Guitar Rig.

Photo from the Hubble telescope, by ESA/NASA.

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