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Big things are in the works Reaktor-wise here at Noisepages, and here’s something to whet your appetite:


This is a tutorial I posted on my Reaktor blog last year… it’s an effects unit that gates incoming audio semi-randomly and resynchronizes itself every few steps. That’s right, unlike the simple clock tutorial, this one is a noisemaker. It’s a good demonstration of how you’d use clock macros in something other than a sequencer. Noisepages readers who take the time to dig into this one will have a headstart on what’s coming up next.

Download the LFO Gator


To make this something of a grab bag of previous tutorials, here’s a basic granular synth and the first installment of a tutorial series I might continue here, depending on demand (feedback please! Let us know what you want!).

Very Simple Grainer

Of course, don’t miss the tutorial on clocks and events previously posted here on noisepages.

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  1. Loopy C

    Well I follow your blog (when active) and this site now so wherever you decide to post, I’ll be watching!

    Either place, your contribution to Reaktor education is most welcome and appreciated :)

  2. Mike

    thankyou thankyou thankyou etc…

  3. Andrew

    Your Reaktor tutorials are very helpful. Please continue!!

  4. tercathian

    Knowledge is a good thing! I’m a newbie at computer music, though I’ve made music in several different ways for many years. Definitely respect and honor all the time and effort it takes to distill and provide the rest of us with useful information on the NI products. Thank you!

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