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Laptop musician and DJ Tim Exile is basically one of my heroes. He’s done some mind-boggling work in Reaktor – you’ll see quite a lot in the DSP and Core stuff. His work manages to stretch sonic possibilities while remaining focused on live performance, and, yes, you can dance to it.

UK-based sound engineer Matthew Hodson got to watch an extended master class / demonstration with some of Tim’s best stuff in it. Matthew writes:

I have just uploaded a fantastic video on my website www.matthewhodson.com which I made of Tim Exile’s performance at The London College of Music & Media (TVU) last year! (Just got round to editing it)

This one, like the one he did for Native Instruments shows him at length talk about that fantastically creative live setup he has, how it works and what its capable of. I for one use the same software (Reaktor) sometimes when I am making electronic music under the name bit|bin as I really rate not only its flexibility and ability to build/create anything from a synth to an effects unit but it also sounds great too.

See Tim put the software to its test with some custom built patches which everyone found truly inspirational. Check out his custom ‘cock controller’! You can download the video from my site too.

Tim is a really nice guy though and was happy to go through the ins and outs of his patch and answer many questions to the students.

The first video is at top just to give you a taste; the rest are embedded at Matthew’s site:

Tim Exile Video [matthew hodson]

For more Tim Exile goodness, Native Instruments has an extensive interview with video and downloadable ensemble:

Tech Talk with Exile

It’s terrible advertising, of course, because seeing how good Tim is with Reaktor makes you just want to quit and go take up banjo lessons or sit on the beach and have beers, since you won’t top what he’s doing! (For me, at least!)

I hope we’ll patch into Tim soon to talk more about this stuff, so stay tuned.

I promise this won’t become the 24/7 Reaktor network, but since we’re on a roll this week… back to the rest of the NI stable soon.

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  1. TechLo

    Grainy black & white video with no screen captured video streaming = kind of pointless viewing. I saw the original NI video with Tim when it first came out and watched it again now — there are actually a few things to be gleaned from that vid — though you may never want to listen to an amen or reece again, lol.

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  3. Peter Kirn

    Ha! Okay, fair enough TechLo… we’ll have more tips, though, soon…

  4. Loopy C

    Any/all info on artists and their use of technology is appreciated here, WHATEVER the shape of the media…keep up the great journalism Peter :)

  5. Loopy C

    Errr, the video was fine for getting the ‘gist’ here, then again am always anxious for any insight so file me under ‘easy to please’ and ‘grateful for any opportunity’.

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