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Now that we’re off and rolling for a few weeks, I wanted to step back and ask you: how do you use Kore in your work? How might you want to use Kore? (That is, what would you want to know from us to make it work, , even if you don’t currently own it?)

Is it a way of finding sounds? A way of cataloging and designing your own sounds? Something you want to use for live performance? Or do you still have questions about how you might use it?

While hanging out with Richard Devine over the weekend, I asked how he handled similar questions back at the original Kore launch parties (which I wasn’t able to attend). He told attendees at one of those events that one major appeal was to take his somewhat ridiculous selection of plug-ins and use it in a different way. By assigning the Kore knobs to parameters in the plug-ins, he could try affecting multiple parameters at once, producing sounds he might not have otherwise discovered. I’m having a similar experience, though strangely with my Reaktor ensembles.

Kore has been tricky for people to wrap their heads around, so we’d love to hear from you. (And yes, while abusive comments aren’t allowed, this is an open forum.)

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  1. freddyG

    I personally have had a hard time getting KORE 2 to run well for long enough to make music out of it. Everything works fine in standalone mode, which is what the majority of my time using KORE 2 is spent. But to actually record/sequence the sounds I have made is not so easy. I use Ableton Live for most of my electronic work, and have been very unsuccessful getting KORE 2 to work well with it. Kore loads fine and all, but after 5 minutes or so it causes every instrument including itself to distort heavily (similar to the sound when you CPU overload in Live). All software is updated, I have spent so much time trying to get it to work properly that I have practically given up on it. Seems to work well with Logic for the most part, and I dare not even bother to give it a go in Pro Tools.
    I am VERY curious if anyone has successfully gotten KORE 2 to function properly in Live 7????

  2. Peter Kirn

    Hmmm, well, I’m running Ableton Live, so it definitely is *possible* — and I’m typically running (ahem) more instances and more complex stuff than I really should. I’m guessing other variables may be coming into play. OS? Hardware? Live version? Kore version? etc.? (We can’t really provide technical support here, so definitely be sure to try the NI forums and official NI support, because it most definitely *should* work. But I’d still be curious to know those details…)

  3. apoclypse

    I’ve been using kore more extensively now. I’m not a sound designer, I just usually find a nice patch and tweak it until I get something usable and I like how Kore makes that easy. I have an MBP and I use Logic for the most part, I can get pretty heavy handed with Kore instances. Tip for all of you guys try loading multiple instances in a host if you have a multi-core system, it will distribute resources far better than if you only used one instance wirh multiple instruments. Also Kore likes vst versions of plugins better than AU if you are on a mac so I suggest you use those instead.

    There a many things that I would like to see some in-depth info on, like the arpeggiator and the sep sequencer, maybe a more in-depth look at the effects and hw to chain thm to make better sounding or interesting effects.

  4. m.0

    I’ve gotten addicted to point where I use Kore for pretty much everything. It’s a wrapper between me and my DAW. This is cool because I sometimes jump between Logic and Live and it’s sweet to have all my patches saved in Kore. If for some out there reason I want to switch DAW’s mid-project I can recall everything I have set up in another sequencer. Also, I recently began using it heavily in live performances and it’s an understatement to say that it’s cool to pull up and play the exact same patches I programmed from the studio versions of tracks. Plus I can have splits, multiple arpeggiators and step sequences all at my finger tips live. This still blows my mind! My latest experiment has been with vocals. I’ve been able to reproduce my vocal sounds live because I have a patch programmed in Kore just for that and I always know what kind of vocal sound I’ll get and I can mess with it in realtime all from the controller. Doing vocals live is no longer a headache for me. And yeah sound design with Kore is just simply siiick! In general, Kore is one of those things I wish I could explain to people better because in terms of workflow it’s really been a godsend. Don’t mean to gush but it has been the single most beneficial thing I’ve added to my rig in the past year or maybe even longer.

  5. AC

    I have only played with the Demo so far and am really liking the environment. I would be curious to know if there is assignable modulation (kind like guitar rig) within Kore ie: LFOs, envelopes etc. that you could route to wherever you would want? This may already be there and I just havent noticed.

  6. phortran

    i just purchased the kore 2 / komplete 5 bundle a few weeks ago and kore has proven to be very useful in composition. just finding the right starting places for sounds has been invaluable. how many hours have i spent arrowing through presets blindly looking for only certain types of sounds? to me, this is huge. the sound sculpting and morphing possibilities of kore, while not unique to kore, are done in a unique way.. thinking of one sound as more than just a synth and a stack of effects, but as a miniature mixing environment in itself, has opened me up to taking a more layered approach with sound design. not that layered sound design was impossible before kore, far from it, but it was never so -easy- and -obvious- (for me).

    so far no issues in ableton using kore as a plugin. even multiple instances of it. it definitely uses a lot of ram, but it works very well for me. i have the latest version of live 7.

    as sleen has shown us with his reaktor toolkit, the merging of kore and reaktor opens up so many doors. this is infinitely exciting to me.

    the only hangup i have is really not a kore issue but a reaktor issue: no OSC in the plug-in version of reaktor?! i had visions of creating multiple monome-based applications in reaktor and running that all through kore to do sound tweaking on the fly with the kore controller while i composed with the monome. now, i think i have to write some kind of silly OSC to midi converter, probably in max, and use midi yoke to communicate with reaktor–this doesn’t make me very happy and i’m tempted to just hold off the whole project and see if NI decides to make OSC available in the plug-in version of reaktor. either way this was entirely disappointing.

    on top of that my kore 2 controller was defective, however support has been very helpful and responsive and are sending me a new one (in fact it’s in the mail now). but, i haven’t been able to use kore with the controller yet, so can’t comment much there. what i’ve read sounds awesome.

    enough whining though. it’s definitely good stuff so far. and the deal i got on the bundle ($899 for komplete 5 AND kore 2–music123 w/ coupon code) was incredible. i’ve definitely paid way more for way less in the past.

  7. Edog

    Ive been using KORE 2 in logic and works like a charm. Ive got a fairly new iMac and komplete synth. I just got live 7 and I havent tried it out yet. Im curious about using step sequencer and arranging effects with patches and whats possible. I just bought the Transient attacks kore sound and deep transformations. THEY ROCK!!! Especially the deep trans. I hope they make more effect processing kore sounds. My favorite patches tend to be absynth (my fav ni product).

    My question is Im trying to delete battery kits from my database of sounds, I dont use them in kore, how do I do this?

  8. nk_e

    I don’t use KORE enough! :-)

    I use KORE almost exclusively for sound design. Not only is it spot on easy to edit controllers for a single plugin, but it’s super easy to layer plugins and affect multiple parameters simultaneously.

    There’s a good bit of this type of thing possible in LIVE with racks; a bit of this possible in LOGIC if you are willing to deal with the environment. But I think the KORE interface makes it much easier than either and therefore much more likely to happen.

    I hope NI is selling enough of them to stick with it for a while.

  9. buster

    I’d like to see a walk-through on how you can use Kore to sequence up a live set with a band. And I don’t mean an electronic music live set. I mean a rock-and-roll cover band type set. Assume the player will be doing some guitar, keyboard, and vocal parts. I’ve had a very hard time finding appropriate synth patches for cover songs. All the guitar modelers have presets for famous songs. But NI seems to be missing some here OR are not labeling them in a way that makes it obvious. There are a LOT of sounds in Kore and I don’t want to have to dig through all of them to find the right synth sound for One Week by Barenaked Ladies…

  10. phortran

    just a small update to the previous comment i left. i received a new kore 2 controller and it works perfectly. native instruments’ support also kicks ass, very responsive and answered all my little questions. i am now extremely happy with my purchase.

  11. Jason

    It seems to me all of this layering of instruments is easily done with Live’s racks. I’d be curious to hear more about why Kore is some much better at that–aside from the portability/platform independent-ness of it.

    And, most of NI’s synths allow you to search for sounds in the same way as Kore. I guess with Kore, its nice to have all those sounds in once place.

    Also, does owning Kore 2 make owning the Novation Nocturn w/ Automap somewhat redundant? Can you elaborate?


  12. Mr.Grumps

    Wow this is an important tip .. thanks for putting this in here. I’m barely able to take advantage of my Kore_v1 rig just yet .. no content ! I’m gonna break down and get Komplete5 soon. Can’t wait.

    To be honest I’ve been too busy to break it open .. plus the manual and basic concepts are quite confusing somehow …

  13. Mr.Grumps

    oops .. meant to quote “apoclypse” >> Tip for all of you guys try loading multiple instances in a host if you have a multi-core system, it will distribute resources far better than if you only used one instance wirh multiple instruments.

  14. U

    Everyday I discover new features on NI products. I although use the kore2 in “live” most of the time.
    But I think the destiny of kore is to modulate filters on yourself or somebody in live. This is the real way of working with this fabulous engineering tool.
    But maybe what misses, is a good hardware behind it… like an TC filter!


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  17. jane

    I jumped in the Kore train when Kore 1 was launched.
    Now with Kore 2 I am very happy with it.
    On my 8 core I have 20 Kore s inserted in my default Logic song.
    The cpu meters hardly show any activity on an 8core so the power of Kore can finally be used without limitations.

  18. Stan

    I don’t use Kore 2 (yet), but I’ve been thinking of using it to modulate VST(i) parameters and such live.

    I do have a question though. Is it possible to use two Kore controllers at the same time to control different instances of the Kore VST app, or even different pages of the same instance?

  19. Max

    Anyone Know if this works well with logic9 yet? also …recording the parameters in logic is an issue anyways got any solutions?

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