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This may be really obvious, but I know when I first started using Kore I missed it. By default, Kore displays audio and MIDI parameters in tabs below each channel. That makes plenty of sense for editing, and provides critical audio routing, MIDI routing, and basic MIDI filtering that you can’t get elsewhere. But once you’re done editing, it’s actually a kind of confusing way to look at levels, and you can only see one channel at a time.

Click the icon with the three vertical bars at the top of each matrix (including sounds embedded inside other sounds), and you can toggle a Mixer View that shows a more conventional fader strip. You can also enable or disable Aux Outputs and (handy for watching input levels) Audio Input. For me, this has become my default view, switching into Channel Strip view only for editing.

This is also worth mentioning in the context of today’s tutorial on Control Pages, because it’s a whole lot easier to create Performance-level Control Pages for multiple channels when you can see them (and assign them) all on one screen.

Got something that should have been really obvious that you stumbled upon in Kore? Let us know in comments!

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  1. Tommy D

    Thank you for this tip. It will keep me from scrolling so much. Sometimes my levels are real hot and sometimes they’re not hot enough. This view will help me out.

    For pics of my Kore rig, visit my website.

  2. Peter Kirn

    I dig it, man. Nice rig! I take it you’re running the sax through Kore for effects?

    Oh, and hello to Covington… should be visiting Louisville (hometown) soon and coming your way…

  3. Tommy Doggett

    Kentucky! What are the chances? Who cares…I’m happy that this site is up because I’ve really embraced Kore and I use it for everything…well not everything…my Mr. Coffee still makes better coffee then Kore…yes…I tried it.

  4. endekks

    Tommy… Saw your rig on the site. I used to live in Cincy years ago. In Tokyo since 2002, but still… Small world.

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