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Reaktor and Kore 2 complement each other nicely, and one of the ways that is most apparent when using Reaktor effects in Kore. The high resolution control knobs and buttons are a snap to map to Reaktor’s faders, knobs and switches. Creating Kore sounds out of your Reaktor patches is also a good way to keep track of your creations and search for sounds by keywords.

Building and Using a Reaktor Grain Delay in Kore 2 from Create Digital Media on Vimeo.

In this video tutorial I’ll walk you through building a granular delay effect – in essence, it’s more like a granular live-sampler, which you can use with canned loops or audio from live musicians. I’ll also show you how to map its controls to the Kore 2 controller. This is just the beginning! In upcoming tutorials we’ll look at adding modulation, automation and other refinements.

The following download contains a Kore performance and the Reaktor ensembles you’ll need to follow along with the tutorial. Have fun!

Grain Delay in Kore

Note: Because Kore uses absolute paths for presets, you’ll need to manually point it at the included preset using whatever directory you’ve chosen for installation.

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  1. Michael Hetrick

    This is awesome. I was also surfing through the UL today for some new ideas, and I saw that your Clock Tutorial was also posted there… Are you still working on a book, or has this site pretty much become that? Either way, thank you very much for your work, and I look forward to every tutorial!

  2. Mike Kiraly

    Thank you! This was great!

  3. Midi_Glider

    Thanks! Great stuff. love this site!

  4. Craig Helmholz

    I blew the dust off my Reaktor books today. These tutorials are definitely helping me understand what used to put me to sleep. They’ve also revealed some new possibilities with my Kore controller. Thanks

  5. Peter Dines

    Michael – no immediate plans for a book – what I might do in the future is put together intermediate to advanced instruments plus tutorial PDFs dissecting them, and distribute them as chapters or modules. In the meantime, this site is going to be the main thing.

    Mike and Midi_Glider – thanks!

    Craig – that’s great! Good to hear that people are giving Reaktor another shake because of these materials. And yes, you will definitely find that Reaktor and Kore complement each other nicely.

  6. Jarson

    Great Reaktor tutorial! I was able to follow along and make my own without a problem!
    Thanks for putting this out there guys! Keep em coming!

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  8. Vivan

    Thanks for this wonderful tutorial. I was able to follow along and make the same ensemble as well. It really helps get a better understanding of Reaktor. Thanks again!

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  10. [...] a grain sampler and not just a delay, you may also want to check out the terrific video tutorial Peter Dines did in Reaktor. And there’s a lot more of this stuff elsewhere, as [...]

  11. Jason

    THIS IS FUCKING GREAT!  Thank you so much Peter!  There’s nothing like your advanced reaktor tutorials!!!  Hope you do write that book.  Or better yet, make a bunch of small videos like this and start a subscription service – sign me up!  I’d love to learn how to add 2  tables to this – to sequence pitch and position.  thanks again!!

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