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Before we go any further in Reaktor construction, I’d be remiss in my tutorial duties if I didn’t point people towards Chris List’s event watcher. Ed.: Chris is here in NYC, too, so we’ll have to catch up with him in person soon!


It’s included in a package of tools that also includes some great scopes. The scopes work with audio signals and the event watcher works with event signals.

Here’s how it works: you connect the output of event modules or macros you want to debug to the input ports of the event watcher, and the value of each event is displayed, as well as the number of the input port where it was received. This not only lets you know what values are being generated but gives you a clear indication of what order they were generated in.


Anyone building intermediate to advanced event logic structures in Reaktor will find this useful. Tip: if you want to debug a polyphonic structure, use “from voice” modules to select one of the voices.

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