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What would you most want to know about Kore? What would you most want to see on Kore if you had just a few minutes? (Beer and drinks would be available.) What would you want to show other people?

I’m putting together a short workshop for the Warper Party in New York, a (roughly) monthly get-together of laptop musicians of all types in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Now, NI has done an official workshop tour, but well-done as it was, that was a sales event. I’m talking to fellow musicians, and even some non-musicians.

I’ve got some ideas for what to put together, but I’m equally interested in what you think. And in addition to doing this event live in Brooklyn (I’ll post info for those of you in the area), I think a short, all-encompassing workshop would be ideal to add to this site.

We’ve already got some stuff in our “101″ thread:
101 tag @kore.noisepages
…and of course, on Kore in general:
Kore tag @kore.noisepages

But there’s plenty more to talk about. So let’s have it: what would you most want to know?

My focus will be on using Kore as the hub of a live performance rig, in conjunction with Reaktor, and using it for really playing electronics live.

Photo at top: me playing Boston’s Beat Research, all in Kore, as part of the Mind Meld get-together earlier this summer. Photo by Todd Thille.

On NI forums: Since some of you like to chat there, I’ve also opened a thread on the NI forum. What I may do, as well, is get the outline and some content for this workshop up and allow people to comment on it, so in the end we’ll have collected some community wisdom (and questions!) for the results.

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  1. Jason

    I’m game for anything that’s not already in the manual.

    I’m particularly interested in the workflow improving aspects of Kore, and also ways in which it can help us creatively.

  2. sowari

    i think stuff about integrating ones own Reaktor Ensembles into the Kore environment would be fantastic.

    maybe some simple Reaktor Sample Looping devices could be created/uploaded?

    i would love to have details of your Live rig and the concepts behind it!

    in the future – in terms of composition and sound design- i think some tutorials on using Kore in DAWs live Logic, Cubase, Ableton Live would be good.

    for me, the manual does not cover this side of Kore in a way that easy to read/digest.

  3. Don

    I’m interested in learning more about using Kore as a vst host for live performances using full versions of Reaktor, Absynth and non-Native Instruments vsts

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