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Kore 1 Hardware Sketch


After moving into a new apartment and being lucky enough to get a (semi) dedicated studio room, I’m finally getting around to rethinking my studio ergonomics.  While my Kore 1 hardware doesn’t really get in the way, I find that there are actually several different spots I’d like to have it in depending on what it’s being used for.

In my current setup, with my 88-key controller perpendicular to my desk, the Kore controller sits at the corner of that L-shape on a collapsible tripod shelf.  It’s fine until I need to spend some time editing user pages for example… then the constant reaching becomes a pain.

My solution will involve placing the keyboard between me and the monitors, with Kore somewhere close to hand – but which slice of the precious desktop real-estate to use?  At the moment I’m thinking of mounting a desk arm with a shelf like the Lindy Notebook-Arm or the slicker Rode PSA-1 (with some sort of shelf attachment of course), but I’m interested in hearing what our readers think.  Have you found the perfect way to slot Kore into your rig?

Help is at hand

If you want to try out reshuffling your hardware but don’t fancy hassle the hassle of rewiring, here’s something that might help.  I’ve been a fan of the free Google Sketchup since I made some attempts at a controller for Live, and recently turned to it again to help with my studio redesign.

This mainly involves designing and building a new desk, and although the desk isn’t yet finished I thought I’d share with you the mockup I made of my Kore 1 interface.  It’s not an exact copy but most of the measurements are accurate to within ~1mm, which should help you judge placement pretty well.

Kore 1 Controller (.skp)

I don’t have the Kore 2 controller so couldn’t make a version of that, although if anyone wants to have a go it shouldn’t be too difficult to modify my file to get the results you’re after.

Sketchup is highly recommended – aside from being very satisying to use, it makes trying out different studio layouts far easier and quicker.  Once you’ve put in some time recreating your main pieces of gear, you can rearrange them any way and as often as you want, with millimetre precision.

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  1. Jason

    My setup is very similar to yours. I’ve also found it works well for general producing, but the reaching destroys my shoulders when editing user pages. Anyways, I’m sorry for your dilemma, but its nice to know there’s others who can empathize. Please share your setup when you get it all nice.

    I’ll try to send you a picture of my setup when I get a chance. I also use a touch monitor, which I’ve found to be quite useful, though not for everything.

  2. armachian

    I’m using the Ergotron LX desk mount notebook arm and I love it.
    Pics here:

    … and check this thread:

  3. armachian
  4. Eoin Rossney

    @ Jason – I definitely plan to share the full design, actually I tried to load the Kore controller into the 3D warehouse and had wierd errors, but it should all make it there eventually.

    I’ve taken a picture of my current setup – I didn’t bother tidying so excuse the cables/general crapness :) I Haz a Fotobuckit:

    The current stand is actually a tripod for a steno machine with a laptop stand attachment. It allows for a little rotation, but yeah, generally it’s a shoulder-killer.

    Regarding monitors, I’m hoping to get a wall/desk mounted arm for that, too. Problem is I could happily have an arm for any piece of equipment I’m likely to have focus on only for specific jobs (I also have an ageing PC tablet which I’m hoping to relegate soon, to end up with something similar to your touch screen). So like always, a redesign will have to be about balance.

    I’ve realised that being able to pull things into your area of focus rather than changing focus to fit the surroundings increases productivity hugely, in combination with keyboard shortcuts, macros and the like. Hence the redesign, which this time around is about minimising compromise as much as possible :)

    @ armachian – Gah! I knew there was something I’d overlooked, of course the forum’s likely to already have asked the question! Very useful thread, thanks.

    I really like the look of the Ergotron arms – actually now that you mention it I’d looked at them as an LCD mount. They have some interesting items… the one linked below (damn XHTML!) looks great. I can’t decide if it’s overkill, but realistically it’s probably what a desk would look like with so many arms. Plus when the Matrix finally gets up and running at least I know where it’s going to interface with my brain…


  5. Eoin Rossney

    Oh yeah, and I should probably mention the one drawback with Sketchup – it’s given to inspiring “frivolous” studio additions that mightn’t be strictly … necessary, like the overpriced-in-Ireland Aeron chair or this gem:


  6. Dizzy

    I have the same problem. I’m not sure the Rode PSA-1 would be a great solution. Too much flex in the springs when applying any kind of force to it. Great for moving my attached mic out of the way, but not convinced that it would adequately support the weight of a shelf support, the Kore controller and your hands tweaking the knobs, pushing buttons etc. A laptop arm is probably a better way to go. I’m just not sure which one to get. Custom/home made may be the answer

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