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Native Instruments has posted a teaser video of something new called Spiral. It’s a sequencing instrument, and as you can see modulation is represented by swirling squares. It looks fantastic, it sounds wonderful and fluid – it’s, naturally, the creation of Reaktor maestro Lazyfish, who brought us ensembles like the cellular automata-powered Newschool and the brilliantly inscrutable Gaugear in Reaktor 5.1. Lazyfish is the kind of person who can make you believe the future of software instruments is unlimited.

I’m humbled again in my Reaktor building chops. This is really wonderful.

Now, as it happens, I know that there’s more to this story than Spiral, and as you know, generally I’m always eager to talk more about design and instruments. Stay tuned.

(Incidentally, potentially an obvious tip, but if you use Reaktor in Ableton Live, Ableton will automatically show the active plug-in user interface based on which channel is selected. That means you can easily switch between lots of funky-looking Reaktor UIs in Live without having to open and close windows. And of course, that’s really important when you have fantastic, strange UIs you actually want to use live, like this one. I’ll do a short screencast this week or next. Thanks to Owen Vallis, our friend and talented Reaktor user, for the idea. I’m finding having Live with Reaktor and Kore all running at once is a wonderful surge of sonic power.)

Updated: Reaktor 5 users will get this as a free download; see Thomas’ announcement on the NI forum.

Wondering how to use this thing? Don’t miss our how-to screencast video.

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  1. poorsod

    Hey, make sure you let us know as soon as this is released! I’m excited.

  2. Peter Kirn

    Oh, I don’t think you have to worry about that. ;)

  3. Peter Dines

    Ah, so this is going to be a freebie for R5 users according to Thomas at the NI Reaktor forum. Awesome.

    This looks like a greatly refined and Lazyfishtastic take on a Whitney music box. If so, then the squares represent either notes or harmonics. The idea of a Reaktor implementation has been floated before but not with results this nice.

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  6. Ed

    It looks great, but sits silently in my Reaktor window in Live. Am I missing something? How do you input sound/s?

  7. Peter Kirn

    You need a sound source, as it turns out, so really more a sequencer *for* synths. We’ll have a screencast demo soon with some ideas for how to use this.

  8. Mal

    Downloaded Spiral and Kore player for the mac. Went to Audio Midi setup and switched on Apple Computer, Inc. IAC Driver. Fired up Reaktor with the SPIRAL ensemble set the midi out to:
    Apple Computer, Inc. IAC Driver Bus 1. Fired up Kore player and set midi in to: Apple Computer, Inc. IAC Driver Bus 1 then selected it in the control then double clicked on Synth pad Exhale in paradise absolute bliss great sounding sequencer.

    Brilliant will enjoy pulling it apart.

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  10. Kevin Harrison

    I’m a relative newcomer to reaktor 5 and couldn’t work out how to make the relevant connections to make some noise with spiral. I’ve tried 2 instances of reaktor within ableton live one being the spiral ensemble the other a synth ensemble set the midi ins and outs and get nothing. Couldn’t find any help in the manuals either. Feeling pretty stupid now.

  11. frederik

    yep, i have the same problem as Kevin.
    It would be great if somebody could show us ”the way of the Spiral” in Live!

  12. Geza Torocsik

    IT looks great but how to get a user manual ?

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