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John Fisher (ricemutt) from bagger288 is the latest to be infected – erm, inspired – by Peter Dines’ sequencer parts for Reaktor. His hybrid ensemble is full of all sorts of different bits put together, some borrowed, some concocted from scratch. And, of course, that was the idea with the sequencers – to encourage people to steal stuff and make something new that we hadn’t thought of. What’s especially great about this to me is that the results can sound entirely different.

John wrote me:

I love your tutorials for reaktor, and the example ensembles.  great stuff!

I stole your sequencer and put it into a hybrid FM/additive/subtractive type synth I built in reaktor:

in addition to the synth, there’s also a distortion effect, rev6, and a custom granular effect I built, so it’s kind of an all-in-one drone synth…

please mention that the synth is much lower on CPU if you simply remove the reverb/fx modules.

I guess other info is easily seen from all the comments in there, I used a few other people’s modules.  The "FX" instrument has an A and a B panel, where you can edit the granular effects.  I made that instrument as well and am proud of how it turned out (did you check out the "rissets" preset in the fx?)

thanks for the sequencers to steal ;)

you probably noticed that I modded the sequencer in the sequencer page to also have "gate" sequencers where there is only on/off instead of minimum to maximum fader

It’s really good stuff, and inspires me to combine some macros in new ways.

Have at it and see what you think:

ricemuttHybrid-sep08 [zipped Reaktor ensemble]

(I expect when it’s ready, it can migrate over to the NI User Library)

Wait – want more? John talks more about how he uses unique approaches to tuning (see our previous round-up) to get these distinctive sounds:

my "god chord" blogs where I explain how to use just intonation or equal temperament.


you probably noticed how I use ratios to define the pitches of the oscillators in my synth.  In fact, I do this with all of my synths and use just intonation a lot in my music.  This would help people understand the "wtf" about using ratios in music.

Via a story summing up what we’ve been doing with Reaktor over on CDMusic:

Joys of Reaktor: How to Build Sequenced Instruments, Free Goodies, and a New Lazyfish Creation Teaser

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  1. ricemutt

    cool, thanks! It’s great to get to share all this stuff, and get inspired by each other.

    love the Kore project and the focus it has on reaktor. I think reaktor is a fantastic tool and is limited only by the community of users, really. Since it’s not being used in so many academic institutions like msp or chuck or supercollider there is less advanced stuff being developed for it.

    Especially these intermediate-level tutorials are like the missing link in the Reaktor documentation, because the manual surely just doesn’t cut it. I think, in addition to sequencer objects like yours, there needs to be comprehensive tutorials out there on using the GUI objects (poly display, multi display), on using polyphony creatively, using the snap value arrays, iteration, using event tables, the reaktor initialization sequence… and so on.

  2. Peter Kirn

    I agree on all this. Actually, Reaktor is used in some academic institutions … and likewise, I think we could use more examples / documentation in some of those other tools (supercollider, in particular), but then, getting more knowledge and sharing going benefits all of these. Having used those other environments, Reaktor is something unique and special, and I’m glad we have the options we have.

    Also, the link is fixed now for anyone who ran into that. ;)

  3. amrap

    Safari can’t open the page “http://home/media.createdigitalmedia.net/kore/reaktor/ricemuttHybrid-sep08.zip” because it can’t find the server “home”.

  4. amrap

    nevermind – despite the message above, the zip was downloaded to my desktop

  5. ronnie

    Thanks for sharing John. I see a bunch of new ensembles in your software folder since last time I checked!

  6. Peter Kirn

    Ah, by “fixed” I meant “broke again” apparently. Now *entirely* fixed.

  7. Жорка

    Мне кажется очень полезная штука.

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