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Here’s a video demonstrating the use of the Spiral sequencer to drive Koresounds – I’ve sent its MIDI to synths, guitars, pianos and even a drum kit. Plus, there are a few bonus creative uses of Kore 2 thrown in for good measure.

Reaktor Spiral Sequencer in Kore 2 from Create Digital Media on Vimeo.

Download the Kore 2 performance used in the video

A few notes: sending MIDI out from Spiral to a synth or sampler in Kore 2 is as easy as placing Spiral in the first slot in a channel, then adding a sound in the next slot. Using it in another host may require track to track MIDI routing. Consult your host’s manual.

Also, if you want to load a Reaktor synth in the Spiral ensemble to use it standalone, remember to unmute the audio out:

…and direct the MIDI from Spiral to your synth using the instrument header, like so:

Have fun! And if you make a glorious noise with Spiral, link us up – we’d love to hear about it!

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  2. magic from space

    i don’t use kore but that spiral sequencer is really beautiful.

  3. Peter Dines

    Isn’t it, though?

    I’ve also tried it in Reaper and FL Studio, with the MIDI routed to other VSTis, and it works great. Reaper’s plugin rack is similar to Kore – it routes MIDI straight to the next slot in the same track. FL Studio requires explicit plugin to plugin routing, which isn’t difficult.

  4. poorsod

    just to let you know, it works exactly as you might expect in Ableton: put Reaktor on its own track, send to MIDI Out 1, and use Ableton’s internal routing to send MIDI to the instrument track(s) you need.

  5. whatalob

    no luck!

    I can’t get this to work in Kore. Works fine in standalone reaktor, but even with the same setup as in the vid nothing happens in Kore. Plus if Spiral is first on the rack the midikeyboard won’t work either, so something’s blocking the midi stuff. any ideas?

  6. Peter Dines

    Do you have more than one instrument unmuted in the same channel? That will mute things.

    Try putting Spiral in its own channel, the instrument you want to play in the next channel, and route the MIDI to it like so. That will also make it easier to send Spiral MIDI and keyboard MIDI to the same instrument. Spiral doesn’t pass MIDI through. It could be modded to do so, but I think this is easier.

  7. whatalob

    hmmm that didn’t work either. I inserted the midi monitor ensemble just straight after spiral or on another channel like you showed(with routing) and am getting no messages at all. The external midi red lamp is blinking though and is set to ch. 1. I must be missing something obvious here..

  8. Peter Dines

    upload your kore performance to megaupload and post a link, or email to peterdines at gmail dot com. I’m curious whether it’s a Reaktor thing or a Kore thing. Did you modify the Spiral ens and save it? In which case include that too.

  9. hlis93

    I don’t own Kore. I have considered it many times in the past but this video really makes me wish I had it. Truly opens a door for a greater sound palette by complex routing. Anyway, I thought demonstration of Spiral used in Kore was excellent. Thanks

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  11. Peter Dines

    Whatalob, what happens if you try to route midi to an instrument from the builtin Kore step sequencer? Did you try in another host as well? I had a look at the performance you emailed and it worked for me… :-(

  12. Peter Dines

    hlis93, the cool thing is you can save complex routings as koresounds with searchable keywords, and use them as elements to make something even crazier. Do try the demo.

  13. whatalob

    hi Peter, the step sequencer works fine. I did try in Ableton and had no luck either and am pretty sure I got the routng right there too. So my Reaktor plugin is not forwarding any MIDI through at all!
    what could it be?

  14. Peter Dines

    Hmmm. That’s not a problem I’ve ever experienced. Are you using the latest 5.15 Reaktor update? At this point I’d suggest either a Reaktor uninstall / reinstall (make sure to back up your own ensembles/macros/instruments) or contacting NI tech support through official channels.

    Sorry! :-(

    edit: also try asking on the NI forum – a lot of advanced users pass through there and perhaps one of them has experienced the same problem.

  15. whatalob

    will do. thanks for the help

  16. Peter Dines

    whatalob, I was just thinking – have you tried Reaktor’s MIDI out with something else like the SQP sequencer from the factory library? Would that work to drive other instruments in Kore or Live?

  17. berg

    I’m having the same problem as whatalob. Just curious to know if reinstalling reaktor fixed this?

  18. berg

    and using the SQP sequencer to send midi within Kore didn’t work either.

  19. berg

    I just figured it out after reading this post from the NI user forum (use the VST instance, not the AU):
    “Just be aware that Mac’s ‘Audio Unit’ plug-in format does not presently pass MIDI. I have heard that this is been updated ‘in principle’ in Leopard but am not aware that it is actually implemented by anyone. Of course this only matters if you use a Mac and a AU host but just thought I would make that note “

  20. chavez

    thanks berg! unbelievable!!

  21. Mike

    cubase, logic, Ableton Live, or internally in Reaktor.
    doesn’t work.
    good job guys

  22. Peter Dines

    Hi Mike, I’ve had success running it in a few hosts and internally in Reaktor. I’d suggest trying again, first off in Reaktor standalone, using the instructions posted above regarding the MIDI out menu in Spiral’s instrument header.

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