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Got an evening to get deeper into sound? Want to get a project started? We’ve been covering all aspects of using Kore in music, bit by bit. Here’s the overview of what we’ve done, which we’re expanding on an ongoing basis.

Using Kore

And, most importantly, I’ve just finished off:
Reference: How to Navigate Kore 2 with Hardware – No Mouse!

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  1. Michael Coelho

    Thanks! As a new comer to Kore 2, I have found this sight to be a great resource and inspiration for my own sonic adventures with NI products. I bought Kore 2 + Komplete 5 and I have to say it’s a bit overwhelming getting my head around so many software packages while I’m still learning Live 7. The link for the Mutating Sequences is bringing up the Winamp article.

  2. thehipcola

    This is fantastic. Thanks very much for the great work peeking into the world of Kore!

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