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Intonarumori, or noise intoners, are sound machines invented by Italian futurist Luigi Russolo early in the 20th century. You have to love a guy who names his instruments, for example, Gorgogliatore (the Gurgler) and Ululatore (the Howler).

Reader Chris at CDM mentioned:

I’ve always thought of reaktor as a virtual intonarumori builder.

An astute observation, Chris, and one that others have picked up on – Intonarumori in the Reaktor user library include specimens by the well known builder Rick Scott and a Rick Scott remix by Dieter Zobel.

Here’s one view of Scott’s borBorygmus instrument:

borBorygmus is powered by granular samplers loaded with scratched and stressed strings, and was built using components from Johann Meier’s Pharmacy – another fine example of code reuse and leveraging existing parts from the library.

Here’s what borBorygmus sounds like:

Of course, loading different samples into the granular samplers will change borBorygmus’s character – so it could become a slammingdooratore or a clickingspokeatore instead of a scrapingstringatore.

If you’ve built any Intonarumori, or “weird noise makin’ contraptions” if you prefer, we’d like to hear about it!

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  1. Peter Dines

    No sooner had I written this than Rick Scott posted another ensemble in his Intonarumori series. You can find it here. When he says to watch your ears, he ain’t kidding, folks. This one can get loud.

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