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The power of Reaktor is essentially the power to build any instrument or effect you can imagine. But what does that mean for hardware control – how can hardware be as open-ended as software? One solution is multi-touch interfaces.

Antonio Blanca writes to share the work he’s done (in collaboration with JazzMutant’s Bryant Davis Place) on “Lemurizing” popular Reaktor ensembles. These make the Lemur touchscreen a dynamic, interactive hardware controller for these Reaktor ensembles. In the collection from Antonio and other creators, and all downloadable via JazzMutant:

From sequencing to modulation, there’s quite a lot you can control in these ensembles with your fingers. That demonstrates not only the potential for Lemur, but many other alternative interfaces, as well. With the exception of the standalone Massive, you can see some of the power of OpenSoundControl support in Reaktor, as well.

Antonio is extending this idea with Reaktor and exploring more sequencing ideas. He writes:

Now I am working on new “Lemur Projects” — a new version of Lemurized Metaphysical Functions and a pseudo-random sequencer built on the Lemur itself using the multiline script (amazing feature, by the way). Here’s some info from my outdated blog:


I am working to release a series of videos using the lemur and [given an overview of] some of my interfaces.

It’s really nice to see Reaktor coupled with the Lemur in this way; I hope to bring you more.

Reaktor users, what are you using to control your ensembles? Any touch-based solutions (Lemur or otherwise)?

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  1. Peter Dines

    Nice! I’d love to get a Lemur to use in conjunction with table-based Reaktor sequencers, and scribble in a sequence with a finger. And Metaphysical Function, with its recordable faders, is just crying out for this kind of touch surface treatment.

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  3. Zavosh

    I just got a Lemur and downloaded these templates from Jazzmutant’s site. They work really well considering you can adjust multiple parameters simultaneously, the only setback I’ve seen so far is with my original way of adjusting multiples simultaneously, my Kore controller. Since Kore works as the CC host, you’ve gotta make more adjustments within Kore to get your Lemur to control, say, the oscillators in Massive. I know Kore can handle all that, but it’d be nice to be able to have the whole instrument in one touchable page that can later be setup with Kore snapshots rather than going through the touch/learn function in Kore. Whoa, have I become that spoiled already?

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