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Confession: plug-in specs make me batty. Happily, there’s a nice blog post that explains how to adjust a Reaktor patch for easy envelope control in Ableton Live. Ableton Live 8 changes how parameters are controlled, and I think fixes this problem – I need to try it with Reaktor. (Anyone out there already ahead of me?) But in the meantime, here’s the fix:

How to make Reaktor Knobs Automatable in Ableton Live [Do My Eyes Look Scary?]

When it comes to Automation, the parameters are exposed by the standard VST mechanism, with each Reaktor parameter being the Base ID for the instrument, plus the ID of the control.

In the case of RE201, the base parameter was 500-something, so all controls were invisible to Ableton Live.

If you look in the Reaktor Instrument Properties, click on the control routing tab. (the two little boxes with an arrow between them).

At the bottom, there’s an ‘Automation’ section. Do two things:

Pull down the ‘IDS’ menu, and select ‘Instrument Up’ until the base ID is zero. Then pull down the ‘IDS’ menu again and select ‘Sort and Compress IDs’

This will make all of the controls in the RE201 visible in Live. Honest to God.

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4 Responses

  1. poorsod

    Ableton 8 fixes this, the parameter automation thing now follows a much simpler “learn” paradigm, so any parameter with an automation ID can be found a lot more easily.
    Before, you had to move any parameters you wanted to automate to the top 128 which was major hassle.
    The new system is much better.

  2. Dri

    Fantastic! And yes, this has been a welcome surprise in the Live 8 betas. Getting closer to actually using Reaktor live, and that, for anyone, is a good thing.

  3. chaircrusher

    Thanks for the link Peter.

    I have the Live 8 beta and haven’t looked at the parameter handling. I think that it can’t hurt to do the sort and compress thing in Reaktor ensembles, even with Live 8. In Live 7, unassigned automation parameters are still in the parameter list, so even if all your controls fit in the ‘first 128′ range you might have to scroll through a bunch of crap to get at the values you care about.

  4. I´ve been waiting for this advice to come for about four years now! thanks!!!

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