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I’m a big fan of the FL Studio DAW software, and also a big fan of NI plugins. In the past this has been a problem because of an incompatibility that caused CPU spikes in some NI plugins running in FL. Specifically, in Reaktor this manifested as a constant fluctuation of the CPU meter, even without an ensemble loaded. I’ve also noticed this behavior in Absynth. It’s been possible to compensate by setting the plugins to run with fixed-size buffers, but that has two undesirable consequences; one, it increases the latency for those plugins, putting them slightly out of sync with other elements in the mix and two, it takes away the ability to use multiple outputs to separate mixer tracks in FL.

Well, the new 8.5 beta of FL solves all that! I was initially excited to read that the new beta lets plugins running with fixed size buffers use multiple outputs – but then I discovered a new audio setting called “align tick lengths” that makes those large fixed buffers unnecessary. The mouse-over hint for the align tick lengths checkbox tells us “may increase CPU performance” and they aren’t kidding.


This is fantastic, because now I can load up Kore in FL and Reaktor in Kore and get one of my favorite DAWs, my favorite control surface and my favorite plugins working together smoothly with no hitches, glitches or handicaps.

Licensed FL producer edition users can download the beta through their account page.

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  1. Aaron Urbanski

    As of right now, however, there is a bug in the beta that prevents VSTi automation from being recorded! This is a huge problem, obviously, that we are waiting for the devs to fix. It’s been posted about in the Image Line forums.

  2. Aaron Urbanski

    Ok, just checked the forums again: apparently the devs have found the bug and it will be fixed in the next update!

  3. Peter Dines

    Also, it appears that the MIDI in port selector in the VSTi wrapper doesn’t work, which is a pain if you’re using a multi out instrument like Kore. I hadn’t heard about the automation bug.

    Reflex, one of the FL devs, told me there’d be a new beta or a patch for the MIDI port issue today; hopefully the automation bug gets whacked just as quickly.

  4. Michael Pearson

    ****ing YES.

    I was thinking that I’d have to write off that $200 – I haven’t opened FL for ages because all of my commercial plugins are NI or NI – based.

    Now just make it so that I don’t have to do jiggery-hackery to have CC64 (sustain) work properly and I’ll be happy.

  5. Peter Dines

    Michael, what do you have to do to get CC64 to work? If it’s a big pain, start nagging Gol and Reflex about it now, because it takes time for feature requests to work their way through the IL pipeline.

  6. Aaron Urbanski

    I have been using the beta 2 along with the latest wrapper update that reflex posted, and I haven’t had any automation bugs. I have also not had any problems using CC64– usually you have to browse the parameters of a particular plugin, find MIDI CC 64, right click and link it to your sustain pedal, then you’re good to go. If you’re using it from a MIDI Out channel, then you have to configure a knob to use MIDI CC 64 and link your pedal to THAT. If you consider that “jiggery-hackery,” I guess I agree, but I have not had problems getting it to work.

  7. Peter Dines

    I ended up going nuclear, completely uninstalling FL and clearing out the directories and registry entries before reinstalling and updating to the new wrapper – after that, the ports and controllers and everything worked fine for me. Eh, beta. *shrug*

    I noticed that “last tweaked -> link to controller” is now in the tools menu, not gone completely, so you don’t necessarily have to browse the whole parameters list for a plugin.

  8. Michael Pearson

    Peter: Switch off the “emulated” sustain in FL (it lengthens the notes when the CC is active, which is not what I want) and then set up manual CC linkages between my controller and my plugin.

    I’m not too keen on bugging Gol – I think I’m in the very, very small subset of FL users making something other than shitty house music (in this case, shitty folk/rock/pop/orchestral music), and for them having sustain simply lengthen the note (rather than relying on the plugin to do it for them) is “good enough”.

    The exact problem that I’m having is that CC64 in Garritan Personal Orchestra does something different – it enables legato.

    Even after the linkage is enabled, shifting notes in the piano roll doesn’t shift the underlying CC at the same time ..

    Now I’ve got my “whoops I bought the wrong product” rant on :)

  9. Peter Dines

    The not shifting the underlying CC problem sounds like a real pain. I mean, that’s a bug, not a feature, so you’d have a legitimate reason to gripe.

    I think IL is getting better at responding to user feedback, even if Gol’s online persona is as irascible as ever. See if you can get the attention of one of the other devs, and maybe they can explain it to him. :-)

  10. gherat

    So how about some updates guys? Last post was March 23? Keep the site alive!

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