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Somewhere, people are wasting time, procrastinating, and having inane chats on Twitter. But don’t tell that to the hard-core synth geek, who has bent Twitter into becoming a useful tool for finding like-minded creators, solving problems, and sharing tips and techniques. In 140 characters, there’s not much you can do to describe the depth of, say, Reaktor. Think instead of these tools as a compact, real-time pointer to the information elsewhere.

One of my favorite reads – and, regardless of your tools of choice, a great use case for how to make Twitter productive – is Reaktor Lovers. On Twitter as reaktorlovers, you get tips, tricks, story links, and for my favorite feature, the Reaktor Ensemble of the Day.


Given the depth of the User Library, it doesn’t look like we’ll be running out of Ensemble of the Day posts any time soon. That includes gems like the fascinating grid interface for the pad synth Pataphysical, top, and the ridiculously knob-laden DotCom 44 Modular, bottom.


So, what happens when you’ve run out of 140 characters and the forum isn’t the right forum? If you’d like to try out forming your own social groups with other users and have free blogs on this site – with the same tools we’ve used for the Kore site – come beta-test noisepages with us.


Let us know if there are features you’d like or some things aren’t working – we’re doing an open beta precisely to get that kind of feedback. The venue for that feedback is the Help & Development group, where we’ll also be chatting about making improvements.

But just as the CDM team will continue working to bring you information, we’d love to see what you and the community has to share, too. Your work is ceaselessly inspiring – and makes reading Twitter a meaningful distraction.

We’ve got more Kore and Reaktor updates in the hopper, so stay tuned here and on CDM.

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  1. Deus

    I’m happy to see people are still posting to the Kore CDM page. It’s been a while! :)

  2. CPRoth

    Yes HEAR HEAR!!!

  3. umanoid

    this site has felt abandoned of late…and i vaguely remember seeing a post after the first time it was abandoned that their would be lots more to come…was the world of kore and NI reaktor too esoteric to get a following?

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