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Today, I cover the Battery 3.05 (beta) and Kontakt 3.5 updates. For both tools, you get 64-bit support under Windows, which lets you get into terabytes of addressable memory (theoretically), plus a much-needed fix for compatibility with Pro Tools 8 on Mac. On Kontakt, you also get a range of improvements, including “zero-memory” functionality when streaming from disk, multicore and multi-processor improvements, improved library management, aftertouch KSP support, and more MIDI assignments. Kontakt also supports up to 32GB of memory even on the Mac – which doesn’t yet do true 64-bit memory addressing for audio apps – thanks to something called the Kontakt Memory Server.

Now, not all of the Kontakt improvements are relevant to Battery, but it’s worth stepping back and looking at the two apps. There’s a reason there’s both Battery and Kontakt, even though they share some core technologies.

NI explains to CDM how the engines differ – some subtle differences that can make Battery the right tool for certain jobs:

The core engine technology is the same in Battery 3.0.5 and Kontakt 3.5, but Battery uses a “lighter” version because of its typical use case as a drum sampler.

It doesn’t include the Memory Server and the multiprocessor/multicore support because these features really only become necessary with multitimbral operation, high polyphony and a huge number of instrument samples (and heavy effects usage) like in Kontakt.

More on the updates at CDM, but I thought this was the perfect place to make the comparison clear.

Kontakt, Battery: Enhanced, More Compatible, 64-bit Memory

Since we have some hard-core users of both these tools reading this minisite, I’m curious to hear your mileage!

Note that, yes, we will generally be posting a lot more of our NI-related content on CDM moving forward, and that community contributions we expect to start appearing on our community platform noisepages.com, now in early testing. I’ll make a full announcement about this soon.

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