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Here’s a clever idea and a total surprise – instead of just dumping some samples on you, the folks at Akai have built a whole Reaktor ensemble full of analog drum samples, set up by default to work with their excellent, ultra-compact LPD8 pad controller. Now, because it’s in Reaktor, you can edit the ensemble. You know what that means: this thing is screaming to be modified or dropped into your own ensemble with custom effects. If anyone feels up to the task, I can try contacting Akai and see if they’ll be willing to distribute a couple of mash-ups of this ensemble.

LPD8 Reaktor Module

For those of you who haven’t seen it, the LPD8 is pictured below. It’s similar to the Korg nano Series, but is slightly larger and thicker (and has knobs); you sacrifice a bit of the ultra-portability of the nano in favor of a bit more playability. (I’m becoming addicted to small controllers, so I may just have to get all of them.)


I certainly can’t think of any other makers doing something like this with Reaktor; it’s an interesting idea. (Heck, even NI doesn’t usually do this.)


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  1. Wallace Winfrey

    (Heck, even NI doesn’t usually do this.)

    Discounting that whole “Maschine” thing, of course ;-)

  2. Lephrenic

    The panel looks kind of familiar somehow.

  3. Suecae

    I wonder if it is compatible with their Mini. Hmm…. Investigation time!

  4. Josh

    “I certainly can’t think of any other makers doing something like this with Reaktor..”

    Twisted Tools has been releasing a dedicated Reaktor instrument , the MP16, for their sample packs as well, along with fully controllable Touch OSC templates.    ;)

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