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While I’m here doing updates, I couldn’t help but notice some nice pictures over in our Flickr sidebar. The folks at Skratchworx do a wonderful job of covering DJing from a vinyl/scratch-centric perspective. They have a look at the Kontrol X1, the new DJ controller from NI. It’s great to see in photos, as you get a sense of scale. Note one item that surprised me a bit, at least – you do need to chain two of these together in order to have four decks, if I understand correctly. But it is a striking, compact design. I might consider one, since I’m looking into Traktor just as a backup for sets when I discover I need to plug in longer than my prepared live PA set allows.

Kontrol X1 Product Page

Now, NI, we need a lovely custom carry case for Maschine and Kore! Please?

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