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Using Kore: Guide to Everything, in Progress [Headlines]

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Got an evening to get deeper into sound? Want to get a project started? We’ve been covering all aspects of using Kore in music, bit by bit. Here’s the overview of what we’ve done, which we’re expanding on an ongoing basis.

Get Started

How to use metadata to navigate sounds

Use MIDI mixer view

Understanding different Kore control pages for automation and performance

“Two things that puzzled me at first, solved”: making top-level user pages and switching between pages on the hardware controller.

Assigning and choosing MIDI control changes in Kore

Make morphable patterns with the Kore arpeggiator

Using Kore’s channel and slot disable feature

Use “dummy source channels” for controlling MIDI gear, advanced plug-ins

Combining with Hosts and Other Software


Ableton Live

Batch processing with Kore and effects, in Winamp, more

Mutating sequences live with Massive in Kore

Advanced Techniques + Reaktor Integration

Route feedback loops for special effects

Kore Reaktor Toolpack: Module by module guide

MIDI filter x8
AudioTrigger, polyphonic scale

Record longer sessions in Kore using Reaktor

Video: Build and use a Reaktor grain delay in Kore

A 3D model of the Kore controller, and studio ergonomics

Control Reaktor ensemble parameters with Kore

MIDI scripting in Kore, with Kontakt 3;
Kontakt automation and sending MIDI from the Kore controller

Video: using the free Spiral Reaktor sequencer in Kore

Artists, Inspiration

Behind the Scenes with Interpol: Obsessive Details of Hardware, Kore Software Rig

Sound design for imaginary instruments: guitar and Kore effects
Sound design for imaginary instruments: “prepared piano” with Grain Shifter
The results

Exclusive Downloads

Feedback effect [Kore]

Granular percussion sound [Kore]

Morphable Kore arpeggiator [Kore]

Kore Reaktor Toolpack (our custom koresound, plus a link to this essential, free tool) [Kore+Reaktor]

Reaktor Grain Delay [Kore+Reaktor]

SketchUp model of the Kore controller [Kore+(free) Google SketchUp]

Kontakt MIDI scripting example [Kore+Kontakt]

Koresound for Massive, with mutating sequences [Kore+Massive]

Granular “prepared” piano [Kore]

Kore performance for NI’s free Spiral sequencer for Reaktor [Kore+Reaktor]